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Setting the bar higher

To challenge myself and possibly reach a new audience, I have recently signed onto a local indie movie production as the director of photography. The writer/director is familiar with my work and asked if I would like to shoot his movie set in and around Ocala and Saint Augustine.

We have actually worked together on a single scene over a year ago. That was the final few shots of the second film in a trilogy of horror movies. As we began working on this third movie, it became clear that I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. Video has a whole new set of challenges compared to still photography, although the basics of lighting and composition are the same; the element of time is now added, as well as sound. (I've been forced to learn the basics of sound recording as we work.)

While this is all relatively new to me, it's still fun and exciting to work in a new field while using what I've learned over the decades to (hopefully) enhance the quality of a small production.

Movie poster image by yours truly

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