The secret to being a "great" photographer....

When people ask how they can be a great photographer, I give them one very simple piece of advice: Show people only the great photos. If you read closely, you'll notice I didn't say make only great photos. Frankly, that would be impossible. The key is to keep all the not-great images hidden away where they will never be seen. Pick your very best shots and show them off. If you come home from a wonderful vacation in paradise and dump the contents of your photo library onto the social media outlet of your choice, two things will happen. One, your friends will not look at hundreds of photos and they will curse you for even thinking they have that kind of time. Second, there will be a lot of dup

Welcome/Using 3M PMA to mount a print

Welcome to the new Phillip D Breske Photography website. In this blog, I'll be adding random and intermittent posts that describe what I'm doing, as well as tips that you can use if you're interested in photography. I've previously created videos showing how I mount my photo prints, but I need to update those to show the way I'm currently using the tools I have. That may be the next thing you see on this blog. In the meantime, here is a video I made describing part of the process, although, as I stated above, this is slightly different from what I do now:

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