I love when I can see the air. More specifically, I love when I can see light scattered by matter in the air. Fog, smoke, and dust can add volume to the air in photos and also help us see depth when other cues may be lacking. In this photo, I used a very small aperture to increase the focal depth of field. If the air had been perfectly clear, the background would blend into the foreground and the image would be a bit boring. But the morning mist reduces the contrast in the background and really helps displace it from the foreground trees, creating a path for the eyes to follow through the scene. When I shoot live bands, I try to get lights behind the musicians so they shine almost directly i

New Patreon rewards!

Click over to my Patreon page and check out the new rewards I've added and the inclusions that are now part of almost every reward level. Something for everyone! If you don't see something you might be interested in, please let me know and I'll add a new option to the list.

New model: Jasmine

I met Jasmine a few months ago at Pi on Broadway in Ocala. Recently she contacted me to begin rebuilding her modeling portfolio after taking a break for several years. See her newest photo on the People page and look for more from her in the future.

The end of social media

Two weeks from today, I will be deleting all social media accounts that I manage personally and professionally. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of having to share images here and three other places. But mostly, I'm tired of being used as a product that Facebook et al sell to their advertisers. Starting April 8th, the only place you will see my photography work will be here. Tell all your friends and make sure to bookmark this site. And visit my Patreon page to sign up for special rewards featuring my photography.

Model needed

Nude female model wanted for trade or paid session. Ocala industrial location pre-approved. Curvy/fit/muscular models preferred. First-timers okay. Tattoos okay. Inquire within.

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