Early morning traffic on I-75

Sometimes when I wake up early for no reason, I just grab my camera and go somewhere. Last week I awoke very early and it was very cold, so I dressed warmly and headed for an interstate overpass in Oxford. This particular road has almost no guardrail over the highway, so I was feeling a little uneasy about setting my tripod up with my back to the roadway behind me. Nevertheless, I captured several long exposures of the traffic below, hands freezing the whole time. Some of the longer exposures blurred the vehicles so much that they became merely streaks of light, so I cut down the shutter speed to about half a second and got what I wanted. As an aside, this image was processed with the latest

Trixie at the railroad tracks

I would normally avoid shooting a model on or near railroad tracks. I find it so completely cliché and often tell models to avoid it themselves if they want to remain original. However, I do sometimes enjoy the infrastructure surrounding the railroads and asked Trixie if she'd like to use the 441 underpass in Belleview for a few photos. We had hoped to get a few shots with the train going past us, but in the entire time we were there, not a single train went through Belleview. Of course, as we drove away at the end of the session, the train made an appearance.

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