First Friday ArtWalk in downtown Ocala

I've updated my Upcoming Events list to show that I won't be at this month's ArtWalk. Sadly, something has come up and I can't make it. The ArtWalk and I have a long history. It was my first public show over four years ago and I have enjoyed doing it when I was able. I've met many hundreds of people who were either out for an evening of art appreciation or simply walking between dinner and their car and stopped to take a look at my work. Either way, I always appreciate their questions or comments. I hope you'll be able to come out to every ArtWalk and even if you can't make it to Ocala, seek out the art scene in your town and spend an evening enjoying what your local artists have to offer.

When color is necessary

I've mentioned that I will produce color images when necessary and/or when a client specifically requests it. Food photography is one of those times. Abstract images of kitchen utensils can be artistic (and you know I love artsy photos), but showcasing a menu item pretty much requires the photos be in full, accurate color so the diner can know exactly what to expect when their meal arrives. In this case, my bestie asked me for a shot of a cinnamon roll, something she's been working on with her re-found passion for baking. I set up a simple scene on the kitchen counter and used a very small aperture for a deep depth-of-field. I also balanced a cooking tray on the counter to the right of the p

Patreon rewards

I now have a Patreon page with rewards including monthly wallpaper calendar images, the ability to share your own work with me so I can offer helpful feedback and critical advice on how to improve your own photography, and even a monthly in-person mentorship anywhere in the USA. Visit to find out more!

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