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I need a new muse

The only thing I miss about living in Miami was my ready access to hundreds of willing models. The women who call themselves models in north-central Florida are notoriously flakey and unprofessional. I understand that most people have normal jobs that limit their availability, but when you say you're going to be somewhere, please make an effort to be there. Or at least tell me you're not going to make it.

If anyone is interested in modeling for me and is willing to do or wear almost anything, let me know. The only requirements are a nice smile and a willingness to arrive on time and ready to work. I can work around your schedule, as long as your schedule isn't "I can maybe make it between Tuesday and next week."

In return, you'll get digital images comparable to what you see on this site. If you're extra special, I might even give you a free print every now and then.

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