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Trixie at Blowing Rocks

You may know that I've shared photos of Blowing Rocks Preserve in the past. This section of coastline on the Atlantic side of Florida's peninsula is wildly different from other parts of Florida and even most of the east coast of the US. After weeks of checking schedules for sunrise, low tide, and eventually leaving home at 2:30AM, I met Trixie in Jupiter and we got started as the light was coming up.

I'm super excited to share these. I think we caught some fantastic weather (influenced by a tropical storm system on the other side of the state) and the conditions were perfect for shooting down by the water's edge. When the tide is high, there is no going down to the water as it crashes against the rocks and gives the park its name. But this day it was even lower than the last time I visited and we made the most of it.

A few of these will end up in the People gallery and one or two will eventually become computer desktop wallpapers for my Patreon supporters. If you're not familiar with my Patreon site, the link is at the top of the page and every month I reward supporters with high resolution images featuring a calendar of the following month. One of the reward tiers includes a couple nudes to choose from while the others are various landscape, still life, or whatever else may be found in my work.

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