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New model: Ahne

Ahne contacted me over a year ago to inquire about having some photos made. It took us this long to finally make it happen and I think the results are amazing.

We met in Leesburg and ended up driving to a spot I had used before with another first-time model. I'm not keen on re-using locations more than once, so we walked around and found this abandoned building with a dock on the Dora Canal off Lake Eustis. The late afternoon sun was perfect for so many different angles and we used every one of them.

For her first time in front of a professional's camera, she did a bang-up job of posing. I think what excites me most is her desire to do the best job she can do and a willingness to learn and grow as a model. I'd say she's off to a good start.

Ahne can also be seen in the People Gallery, as well as upcoming calendars at my Patreon site.

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