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HELP! I lost my tripod!

Last week I drove out to the Cross Florida Greenway at SE 95th Street south of Ocala to make a few photos at dusk. It began to rain and in my rush to get back into the Jeep, I left my tripod standing on the side of the road as I drove off. I didn't realize it was missing until six days later.

Last night, I went out in the dark to see if by some miracle it was still there, but couldn't see well enough to make a final call on its loss, so I went back this morning to take another look. While I was walking along the road, a pickup truck slowed next to me and asked if I was okay. I told the couple that I was "looking for something I lost." The driver asked, "A tripod?" You can imagine my surprise.

They had seen it for two days earlier in the week before it appeared to have been picked up. They drive that road often and thought it might be surveying equipment and didn't want to touch it. Apparently, someone else didn't feel the same way.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to file a police report. Hopefully, whomever picked it up will try to sell it to a local pawn shop. I'm also monitoring craigslist and Facebook for sale listings.

It is a Feisol carbon fiber tripod with a Markins ball head. The legs have no markings, but the head should still show the manufacturer's info. There is a white rubberband around the head. Here are a few photos of the tripod in use and in my studio:

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