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Happy ... uh ... New Year?

I apologize for the long delay. Much is new and some updates.

Signal Lost: Revelations has yet to see the light of day. I cannot comment on why that is or when it might be released. I can only say that my part of the production is complete. I was given a final edit to color correct and grade, which I completed back in November. From here on, your guess is as good as mine.

In spite of that, I have managed to finish my own screenplay. For the past six months or so, I have been writing and re-writing Imola Road, a feature-length script about a former American military pilot (write what you know!) working for a drug cartel who decides to leave the business and save his family. Currently waiting for Hollywood to break down my door. Click below to download the PDF screenplay (updated final draft as of August 2022).

Download PDF • 189KB

I'm working on two others, but those are far from finished and one is only barely beyond the outline. At one time, I would have said Imola Road was the best idea I have for a movie, but I think the two new ones may be better.

During the production of SL:R, I got wind of a small production in Citra, FL, and reached out to the director to ask if I could make myself useful in any way. He welcomed the offer and I held a boom mic for the day, as well as pointing out some good camera angles. It was fun to be on an actual movie production, with a budget and everything! That one was The World According to Amanda and I got an assistant camera IMDB credit for the day. My thanks to director Fred Potts for his generosity.


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